Anna Claire Rader


We’re surrounded by life that we take for granted. Life that we don’t stop to see, just hiding in plain sight. I want to capture the parts of our world that we don’t give a second thought to. The small things that we pass up because we’re busy.

It is common to hear the statistic thrown around - “Louisiana loses approximately a football field of land to the ocean every 100 minutes.” Some of us have heard it so much that we've tuned it out. But seeing it is different. The people living in Chauvin have watched the land they used to call home disappear over less than a lifetime. Little things they surely once took for granted are now just memories. If nothing is done, eventually, the rising ocean will take us too. Everything we have now, we stand to lose. But by documenting what we do have, I can ensure we don’t forget it. By documenting the coasts of Chauvin, I can ensure we don’t forget what others have already lost, what we have already lost.

I don’t know what we can do to stop the rising ocean, much less restore what it’s taken. I don’t even know if we can. But I know I can take photos, and share them - so we don’t forget that everything is connected, that we all stand to lose something, and that there are things we really should give a second thought to.

© 2020 by ESA Visual Art Department

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