Makayla Vallery


My main goal since I started ceramics my junior year was to make art that was appealing to the eye and flawless.  I ran into many problems along the way that changed my outlook on the ceramics world and my presence in it. Once I started to discover the many ways to approach making a piece of art, I got into a very experimental mindset. I make my art for myself and only myself. Although my artwork is often graded, I have developed an aesthetic for what I like to see in art and especially my own work. I have never wanted to place a boundary around my artwork and tell the audience what they should believe or see. Once a piece of art is complete, it is on its own and open for interpretation. Ceramics is my way to let go, have fun, and be creative. Being in the studio for a short two years has been a journey for me because it has allowed me to see what I am capable of as an artist, student, and individual.   

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