Stella Falterman


When I first started ceramics my freshman year I wanted to recreate nature around me as permanent figures. I quickly learned that the simple recreation of things around me would be tossed into a gallery of thousands of ceramic flowers that were made before me.  I needed to create something unique and in my junior year used ceramics as a way to recreate memories that no one else shared. 

My experience with photography was similar. My love of photographing flowers quickly became repetitive and boring, and I ended that semester with no progress or variety in my work. My senior year of photography proved my individuality. I began to capture moments in my specific world, not the world that everybody else shared. As my art has changed over time so have I. Instead of staring at the flowers that everyone could see, I began to shift my eyes towards things that only I could remember. 

© 2020 by ESA Visual Art Department

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